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The Agriturismo

From a traditional organic farm toAgriturismo Cheloni, a blend of tradition and innovation.

The Agriturismo was developed from the renovation of a centenary farmhouse, surrounded by the Tuscan countryside owned by the Cheloni family for six generations.

We wanted to revive this magnificent farmhouse, giving it an important added value, the full respect for the environment.

Thanks to a wisely designed restyling project, the structure does not only boast of ad hoc furnishings and services, but also of building materials with zero environmental impact and energy saving solutions

The swimming pool

A refreshing cuddle in the immense of the Tuscan countryside

A holiday cannot fail to include a bath, for this reason at Agriturismo Cheloni you can cool off when you want it most.

A relaxing feeling in the shade of cypresses and in front of the immense Tuscan countryside, from which you can see the line of the Apuan Alps and the Apennines.

Oil production

Collection and production of organic olive oil

Lovers of genuine products we dedicate part of our resources to the collection and production of organic olive oil, obtained thanks to the processing of the 1000 olive trees our estate benefits of.

Tuscan delicacies

the Restaurant

A cuisine that offers alongside the typical flavors of the Tuscan tradition, local dishes made up mostly of local game, which will make you experience our region in its entirety.

Of course, the many wines that our region is proud of will not be missing and you will have the opportunity to sip on the terrace with pergola, which our estate enjoys.

At the moment the restaurant service is on request. Whether it’s a dinner with friends, a party or an event, Agriturismo Cheloni will be happy to welcome you.


A zero-impact structure, totally covered with a thermal coat of

lime and hemp

an insulating, anti-humidity, non-flammable mixture that minimizes energy expenditure while keeping the environment healthy.

This solution was used for the first time in France in 1986 and only in 2010 in Italy.

Initially used only for the restoration of historic buildings, it later became a building material with zero ecological impact.

The use of these two natural elements is considered zero impact primarily for the ease with which they are found, for the potential released by their mixture and for its recyclability.

Thanks to its molecular structure, in fact, hemp acts both as a thermal-acoustic insulator and as a humidity regulator, which guarantees not only a conspicuous reduction in consumption but also a high living comfort.

Il sistema di condizionamento all’avanguardia è realizzato in modo tale da ridurre al minimo la dispersione termica mantenendo un adeguato comfort abitativo.

Infatti ogni appartamento è gestito da una propria macchina dedicata VMC Ventilazione Meccanica Controllata un sistema che permette il ricambio d’ariaregola l’umidità ed evita la formazione di muffe attraverso un sistema di filtri.
In altre parole, tutela la salute e il comfort degli inquilini garantendo al tempo stesso una maggiore efficienza energetica.

Il riciclo di acqua piovana dell’impianto di smaltimento e i rubinetti marchiati

Philippe Starck

with low water consumption, designed to reduce waste


Outside the structure, in the parking lot, we have placed anelectric charging column so to allow our guests in possession of an electric or hybrid car to charge it whenever they wish.

The SMART MOBILITY is an increasingly felt need and an increasingly practiced activity to which we want to contribute in a concrete way.

Our guests in possession of electric and hybrid cars will have the opportunity to recharge their car directly on site, when they want it most.

For those who wish to immerse themselves in nature or visit the surrounding cities in a smart way, they will be given the opportunity to rent an

e-bike that can also be recharged

via the electric column.